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                          TERMS & CONDITIONS
We appreciate your business greatly. In order to be able to continue to provide qualilty fish at reasonable prices, please read the terms and conditions for all sales below. 
Minimum domestic order is $100. This is fish only and does not include shipping, box/styro/heat, or any other fees associated with your order. All sales are FINAL.   
International minimum order is $1,000 US. Canada is $250.
USDA-APHIS Veterinary certificates are $120. These certificates are necessary for shipping to Europe. Standard veterinary certificates are $80.
We DO NOT guarantee sex, color, exact size on a fish under any circumstances unless the fish are sold as a pair. We will do our best to get you
the gender you request, but this is NOT a guarantee in any way shape or form. This means we will not refund you in any way shape or form if you
 receive the wrong sex, or different coloration.

We are not purveyors. What is listed is what is for sale. There is no "SECRET LIST" of fish. Please order off the list below. If you request a fish that is not
on the list it will lead to no response in all likelihood.  
We are not aggregators of fish. Please do not ask us for another vendor's fish. If what you want is on someone else's list contact that vendor directly.  
The best way to contact us is via email. My email is All other correspondence will be answered after email inquiries are responded to.  
If there is a DOA, we will gladly work with you to issue you a refund or to make a suitable arrangement provided we are contacted the same day the fish 
arrive within 4 hours. In addition, we WILL REQUIRE PROOF OF DOA in the form of a picture of the dead fish with its tail cut off lying on the bag that it
was shipped in. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement. In addition if you leave your fish outside in the packaging for 7 hours in the cold or
heat and it is DOA, this is not our responsibility. Nor is it our responsibility if your fish dies a month later. My apologies for spelling this out, but live arrival
guarantee is not forever alive guarantee.
If you claim that the fish is not the species you requested, a DNA work up showing conclusive results  must be provided by you of the fish to be eligible 
for a refund consideration.
If you are in any way shape or form concerned about the health of your fish at the time of arrival, please contact us via email. We stand behind
the quality of our fish 100%. However, if your fish becomes sick or injured due to aggression at a later time we do not bear this responsibility. Again,
aquarium conditions are not our responsibility.
Shipping is Monday through Wednesday only unless previously agreed upon. Air Cargo is Wednesday, USPS, FEDEX, UPS is on Monday and Tuesday.
By placing an order, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. 

                                          PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU ORDER
                                 FOR ALL ORDERS EMAIL US AT CICHLUVR@AOL.COM 

                     SPECIES AVAILABILITY-November 2 2016

Species   Size Price Description
Vieja Melanarum NEW! 2" $10.00 Incredible Lago Peten strain available again soon
Vieja Regani Rio Sarabia F1   1-1.5" $7.50 Rio Sarabia Regani now available!
    2-2.5" $12.50  
    3" $15.00  
Vieja Synspilum   4-5" $20.00 True belize red heads now available
    5"-5.5" $35.00 Next size up on awesome belize synspilum
Vieja Bifasciatus Rio Chacamax   2-3" $10.50 Beautiful yellow bifas one of a kind from distinct location!
  NEW! 3.25-4" $16.00  
  NEW! 4.25-5" $22.00  
Vieja Fenestratus Rio Antigua   1" $6.50 Seldom seen true red head fenestratus available now!
    2-3" $10.50  
    4" $15.00  
    5-6" $22.00  
Vieja Fenestratus Catemaco NEW! 2-3" $10.00  
    4-5" $20.00  
    6-7" $37.50  
    7-8" $41.00  
Vieja Guttulatus   2-2.5" $10.00 True rarely seen beauties available again
    5-6" $35.00  
Vieja Breidohri   3-3.5" $15.00 Rarely offered Breidohri at various sizes
    4-4.5" $22.00  
    5-6" $30.00  
Vieja Coatzocoalcos   1" $8.00 The most blue of all vieja now available
    2-2.5" $12.00  
  NEW! 4.5-5.5" $35.00  
  NEW! 8-9" $75.00  
Vieja Maculicauda   3.25-4" $12.00  
    5-6" $20.00  
Vieja Hartwegi NEW! 3-4" $15.00 Awesome pure bred strains of hartwegi with streamlined bodies and lots of reds
    4.25-5" $25.00  
Parachromis Motaguense Red Tiger   1.5-2" $9.00 Rio Blanco juveniles available soon
  NEW! 4-5" $32.00 Large Rio Blancos now available again!
  NEW! 5.25-6.25" $41.00  
Parachromis Dovii   1" $6.00 Nicaraguan dovii as blue as they get!
    2-2.5" $10.00  
  NEW! 3.25-4" $15.00  
  NEW! 4.25-5" $20.00  
Parachromis Managuense "Honduras"   1-1.5" $6.00 Beautiful F1 honduran jags found nowhere else!
    4-4.5" $25.00  
    6-7" $45.00  
Parachromis La Ceiba   1" $6.50 La Ceiba freddies now available!
    2-3" $10.50  
    3-4" $15.00  
    4-4.5" $25.00  
Parachromis Loiselle-Panama   1.5-2" $8.00 Seldom seen Panama Loiselle with great color now available
    2-3" $10.50  
    3.25-4" $17.00  
    5-6" $30.00  
Ex Cichlasoma Grammodes   3.25-4" $22.50 Awesome predatory specimens with lots of reds and blues now available
Ex Cichlasoma Salvini -Pantanos de Centla NEW! 1" $10.50 First time offering of F1 Pantanos de Centla Salvini with deep reds all over body 
Ex Cichlasoma Salvini-Usumacinta   2" $10.00 Please request a pic of some of the most beautiful salvini avaialble!
    2.5-3" $13.00  
Ex Cichlasoma Istlanum Red   1.5-2" $11.00 Red Head Istlanums now available
    2-2.5" $13.00  
    2.5-3.5" $20.00  
    4-4.5" $37.50  
    6-7" $65.00  
Amphilophus Amarillo   3.25-4" $20.00  
    4.25-5" $30.00  
    5.25-6.25" $45.00 Limited number of large F1 beautiful amarillos now available
Amphilophus Sagittae-Piebald, Orange/White   4" $22.50 Beautiful 100% piebald sagittae race available now!
    5" $35.00  
    6-7" $45.00  
Amphilophus Flaveolus   2" $12.00 One of a kind super rare Amphilophus now avaialble!
    3" $17.50  
    4-5" $26.00  
Amphilophus Sagittae   4-5" $27.50 BLACK Sagittae, pure black striking patterns
    5.25-6.25" $45.00  
Amphilophus Citrinellum -"Barred Midas"   1" $5.00 F1 Arenal barred males now available
    2-2.5" $9.00  
Amphilophus Chancho   2" $10.00 F1 Lake Apoyo babies now available
    3" $15.00  
    4" $20.00  
    5" $30.00  
Amphilophus Citrinellum   3" $10.50 Lake Arenal, Costa Rica strain, F1 with white/piebald parents
    4" $20.00  
    5-6" $45.00 Mostly Orange with a little white
    9-10" $85.00 Awesome multi color midas and 90 percent white midas with large nuchal humps now available
Amphilophus Trimaculatus   1" $5.00 Awesome F1 Rio Naranja Trimacs now available
    7' $60.00 Awesome large males now available in limited numbers
Amphilophus Lyonsi   2-2.5" $15.00 Seldom seen lyonsi now available
    3-3.5" $20.00  
    4-4.5" $27.50  
Amphilophus labiatus   2" $6.00 Beautiful labiatus that grow into piebald colors now available.
    3" $10.00  
    4-5" $22.00  
    5.25-6.25" $30.00  
Petenia Splendida-"Wild Morph" NEW! 1" $6.50  
    2-2.5" $8.50  
Paranetroplus Bulleri-F1 Rio Sarabia   1.5-2" $15.00 Super rare TRUE F1 Rio Sarabia Available for the first time!
Caquetaia Krausii   3" $14.00 Super predator with retractable jaws now available in various sizes..Great coloration!
    4-4.5" $20.00  
    5-6" $27.50  
Caquetaia Umbriferum Rio Magdalena   2-2.5" $12.00 Beautiful Rio Mags now available 
    3-3.5" $20.00  
Hericthys Blue Labridens Taniul NEW! 1.5" $12.00 Awesome blue labs available again
    2-3" $18.00  
    3.25-4" $30.00  
Hericthys Tamasoapensis   2-2.5" $12.50 Beautilful streamlined tamasopos rarely available for sale!
Hericthys Cyannogutatus   2.5-3.5" $13.00 Awesome Santiago Lerma true Texas now available--NO HYBRIDS
Hericthys Carpintis Rio Hondo   1.5-2" $10.00 Incredible looking race of carpintis with the largest spots now available
    3-4" $27.00  
    5-6" $50.00 All males
Hericthys Turquoise Tapahua   1.5-2" $12.00 First time offering of incredible turquoise hericthys cichlid with incredible colors and pattern!
    2-2.5" $16.00  
    3-3.5" $20.00  
    4-5" $30.00  
Hericthys Labridens "ALBINO" NEW! 1.5-2" $35.00 First EVER offering of true ALBINO Labridens available now. First time in hobby
Hericthys Labridens Yellow Media Luna   1" $17.50 Awesome Media Luna Yellow labridens bred at my own facility!
    2-2.5" $35.00  
Nandopsis Beani San Pedro White NEW! 1" $10.00 Awesome white beani available now
Nandopsis Tetracanthus   1-1.5" $7.00  
    2.5-3.5" $16.00  
    3.5-4" $25.00  
Andinoacara Stalsbergi NEW! 1-1.25" $10.50 Awesome Peruvian Green Terrors available now
Cryptoheros Septemfasciatus F0 NEW! 1" Inquire WC seps now available
Cryptoheros Panamense   1" $9.00 Rose colored convict types with incredible color available soon
  NEW! 1.5-2" $12.50  
Cryptoheros Sp Honduran Red Point   1" $8.50 Beautiful all blue convict types from Rio Danli
  NEW! 2-2.5" $12.00  
Theraps Irregularis   2-2.5" $36.00 Incredible first time offering of my Rio Sarabia riverine theraps coming soon. Super rare beauty!
Vieja Bifasciatus Grijalva NEW! 1" $9.00 Red bifas available shortly
Vieja Heterospilus NEW! 1" $7.00  
Caquetaia Spectabilis NEW! 1" $6.00  
Parachromis Friedrichstahlii-Pantanos de Centla NEW! 1" $9.00  
Hericthys White Labridens "PAME" NEW! 1" $9.00  
Hericthys Deppi-Rio Bobos NEW! 1" $8.00