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                          TERMS & CONDITIONS

Minimum domestic order is $100. This is fish only and does not include shipping, box/styro/heat, or any other fees associated with your order.  

International minimum order is $1,000 US. Canada is $250 US.

USDA-APHIS Veterinary certificates are $120. These certificates are necessary for shipping to Europe. Standard/Additional veterinary certificates are $80. 

Prior to completing the transaction, the buyer of fish is responsbile for observing all laws regarding animal importation, permitting and possession of aquatic llivestock
for their home state and/or country.   

We DO NOT guarantee sex, color, exact size on a fish under any circumstances. We will however, do our best to select the gender and specific color
you request, but there is NO guarantee on the sex or specific color you receive.  This means we will NOT refund or replace a fish if you do not receive
the sex you requested or a different coloration under any circumstances.  If you are looking for a particular sex or coloration, our advice is to purchase
additional fish to increase the odds of receiving that sex. 
We are not purveyors of fish. What is listed on our stock inventory list is what is for sale. There is no "SECRET LIST" of fish. Please order off the stock
list on our website below. If you do request a fish that is not on the stock list, you will likely not receive a response.   
We are also not aggregators of fish. Please do not contact us and ask for another vendor's fish. If what you want to purchase is on someone else's list,
please contact that vendor directly.   
The best way to contact us is via email. My email is All other correspondence will be answered after email inquiries are responded to.  
If there is a dead fish upon arrival (DOA), we will GLADLY work with you to issue you a refund or to make suitable arrangements provided we are contacted 
within 4 hours after your fish arrive.  Please contact us immediately so that we can discuss how we will proceed & do not discard your DOA fish.  To claim DOA,
we WILL REQUIRE PROOF in the form of a picture of the dead fish with its tail cut off lying on the bag that it was shipped in. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this
requirement.  There will be no DOA claims honored for negligence in timely fish pick-up. Examples of this include, but are not limited to leaving the fish outside in
the packaging in the cold or extreme heat or leaving your fish for days at the airport or post office and not picking them up.  We are also not responsible if your fish
dies any time after receipt.  We take a lot of pride in the quality of our fish and while we offer a live arrival quarentee, we cannot be responsbile if your fish dies at a
later time. My apologies for spelling this out, but our live arrival guarantee is not forever alive guarantee.  Releasing the fish from the bag ends the "arrival" period.
If you claim that the fish is not the species you requested, a DNA/PCR work up showing conclusive results must be provided by you of the fish to be eligible for a
refund consideration. 
We appreciate your business.  If you are in any way shape or form concerned about the health of your fish at the time of arrival, please contact us via email.
We stand behind the quality of our fish 100%. However, if your fish becomes sick or injured due to aggression or tank conditions after arrival, you are not
entitled to a refund or replacement.  Aquarium conditions are not our responsibility.  


Shipping is Monday through Wednesday only unless previously agreed upon. Air Cargo is Wednesday, USPS, FEDEX, UPS is on Monday and Tuesday.
By placing an order, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. 


                              FOR ALL ORDERS EMAIL US AT CICHLUVR@AOL.COM 
                           WE DO NOT LOCATE FISH FOR ANY BUYER. NO EXCEPTIONS.  


Species SizePriceDescription
Vieja Maculicauda 1"$8.00Awesome Lago Isabel F1 black belts now available.
Vieja Breidohri Rio Salado 1"$12.00First time offering of riverine Breidohri with elongated bodies and incredible colors
Vieja Fenestratus Catemaco 1"$8.00Beautiful multi colored fenes available 
Vieja Bifasciatus Rio Chacamax 1-1.25"$9.00Incredible bifas with brilliant reds/yellows available now
Vieja Melanarum 2-2.5"$11.00F1 Lago Peten available again!
Vieja Zonatus Rio Perro 1-1.5"$9.00True F1 Rio Perro first time offering of 100% pure Zonatus
Vieja Argentea 1-1.25"$8.50Beautiful F1 Rio Tzendales/Guacamayas Argentea available now
Vieja Heterospilus 2-2.5"$10.00Peaceful coloful vieja now available!
Vieja Synspilum "Belize" 1"$7.00Beautiful red head juvies from monster head parents now available
Vieja Regani Rio Sarabia F1 1"$8.00Rio Sarabia Regani now available!
Vieja Guttulatus 2-2.5"$10.00True rarely seen beauties available again
Vieja Hartwegi 3-3.5"$15.00Awesome pure bred Rio Comitan F1 hartwegi now available
Vieja Coatzocoalcos 1.5"$9.00Beautiful F1 coatzocoalcos from Rio Carolina now available
Parachromis Loiselle  sp "Bocas del Toro/Robalo"     1"              $12.00First time offering of Rio Robalo Loiselle with blue yellow and black of F1 juveniles
Parachromis Friedrichstahlii-Pantanos de Centla 1"$10.00First time offering of true bumble bee freddies now available
Parachromis Motaguense Red Tiger            1-1.5"$9.00Super red Rio Blanco motaguense available now
Parachromis Dovii -Red 1"$25.00Red/orange/white dovii's offered for first time!
Parachromis Dovii  2-3"$12.00Super blue nicaraguan dovii juveniles now available
Parachromis Managuense "GOLD" 1"$10.00Gold managuense seldom seen available now!
Parachromis Managuense "Honduras" 1-1.25"$9.00Beautiful F1 honduran jags found nowhere else!
Parachromis La Ceiba 4-4.5"$28.00La Ceiba freddies now available!
Parachromis Loiselle-Panama 3.25-4"$20.00Seldom seen Panama Loiselle with great color now available
Nandopsis Tetracanthus 2"$12.00Beautiful cuban cichlids with mosaic patterns now available
Ex Cichlasoma Grammodes 1-1.25"$10.00Beautiful mini predators available now
Ex Cichlasoma Festae-Rio Tumbes 1"$10.00F1 Equadorian Festae with insane reds now available!
Ex Cichlasoma Festae-Equador 1"$10.00F1 Rio Esmeralda festae now available
  2"$18.00F1 Rio Esmeralda festae now available
Ex Cichlasoma Beani Esquinapa 2-2.5"$24.00First time offer of the most stunning and peaceful of the beani loactions
Ex Cichlasoma Beani Rio CamaloteNEW2.25-2.5"$35.00First time offer of Rio Camalote Beani now available !
Ex Cichlasoma Salvini -Usumacinta 1-1.25"$10.00Incredible electric blue and electric red salvinis now available
Ex Cichlasoma Salvini Pantanos de Centla 2-2.5"$12.00Incredible salvini with fire red 
Amphilophus Chancho 2"$10.00Largest growing amphilophus available now
Amphilophus Trimaculatus 2-3"$10.00Beautiful Rio Sarabia super predators available now
Amphilophus Hogaboomarum 3"$20.00Rare offering of distinct amphilophus available now
Amphilophus Amarillo 1-1.25"$10.00Beautiful F1 Amarillos now available
Amphilophus Sagittae-Piebald, Orange/White 3-3.5"$16.00Beautiful 100% piebald sagittae race available now!
Amphilophus Citrinellum -"Barred Midas" 1"$8.00F1 Arenal barred males now available
Amphilophus Citrinellum 3"$12.00Lake Arenal, Costa Rica strain, F1 with white/piebald parents
  5-6"$45.00Mostly Orange with a little white
Amphilophus labiatus 5"-6"$35.00Beautiful labiatus that grow into piebald colors now available.
Amphilophus Lyonsi 1"$10.00Beautiful Lyonsi available again 
Aatatheros Robertsoni Blue Creek            2"$20.00Beautiful F1 robertsoni now available
Astatheros Altifrons 1"$20.00Seldom seen beauty now available
Astatheros Longimanus 1"$23.00Beautiful longimanus with red breasts available now
Astatheros Rostratus F1 3-4"$25.00F1 emerald green Costa Rican rostratus available now
Astatheros Macracanthus F1 1"$18.00First time offering of incredibly rare Macracanthus available now
Petenia Splendida-"Wild Morph" 5-6"$30.00Wild Morph Splendida of incredible size and color now available 
Caquetaia Umbriferum Black 1"$8.00Beautiful black umbees now available
Caquetaia Umbriferum Rio Magdalena 2-2.5"$15.00F1 Rio mags now available!
Caquetaia Krausii 1"$8.00F1 basketmouths available now
Caquetaia Spectabilis 1"$10.00 
Hericthys Minckleyi 1"$25.00Limited number of F1 Cuatro Cienegas minckleyi available now
Hericthys Cyannogutatus 4"$25.00F1 Santiago Lerma Texas Cichlids now available
Hericthys Bartoni  1.5"$13.00F1 bartoni tuxedo's available now
Hericthys Turquoise Tapahua 1"$10.00Beautiful emerald green and blue rarity available now
Hericthys Carpintis Rio Hondo 2-2.5"$14.00Incredible Rio hondo Carpintis with giant blue spots available again!
Hericthys Deppi 4-5"$35.00Rio Bobos F1 deppi available again
Hericthys Bocourti 3.5-4.25"$35.00Incredible colors on large growing tankbusters!
Hericthys Steindachneri 1"$35.00First time ever offered in hobby-one of the rarest cichlids in the world. 
Paraneetroplus Bulleri 1"$18.00Beautiful pink and black F1 bulleri available now
Theraps Lentiginosum 1.5"$20.00F1 Rio Puyacatengo Lents available now
Theraps Irregularis 1.5-2"$20.00Incredible multi color theraps with elongated body now available F1
Red Tiger Severum "Rio Curare" 1.5"$15.00F1 Rio Curare Red tiger severums available now
Paraneetroplus Gibbiceps 1"$23.00F1 Rio Pichucalco offered for the first time available shortly
Tomocichla Seiboldi "Rio Este" 1"$13.00F1 Rio Esti Seiboldii available shortly
Herichtys Pantosictus "Taniul" F1 1"$10.00 
Nandopsis Haitiensis 1.5-2"$12.00Beautiful black haitiensis that grow humps now available!
Hericthys Tamasoapensis 1"$9.00Seldom seen white silver Hericthys available shortly
Hericthys Labridens White Pame 1"$10.00 
Thoricthys Aureum Blue Creek F1 1"$14.00