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                                               August 20, 2015

                       SPECIES AVAILABILITY

                                     PLEASE READ TERMS & CONDITIONS BELOW 

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Species Size Price Description
Jack Dempsey-Rocio Octofasciatus 6-7" $25.00 Incredible blue jack dempseys caught in South Florida now available
Vieja Regani 1-1.5" $8.00 Incredible strain of Regani now available
Vieja Hartwegi 1-1.5" $7.50 True hartwegi with elongated bodies and all red---these are the real deal
Vieja Fenestratus Rio Antigua 1" + - $6.50 Seldom seen true red head fenestratus available now!
Vieja Bifasciatus Rio Chacamax 1" + - $7.50 Rare yellow Bifas now available!
Vieja Guttulatus 2" $10.00 True rarely seen beauties available again
  3" $14.00  
  4-5" $25.00  
Vieja Zonatus 4" $20.00 Rio Jaltepec Zonatus with lots of blues 
  5" $25.00  
  6-7" $35.00  
Vieja Fenesttratus Lago Catemaco 1-1.5" $5.00  
Vieja Breidohri 2" $8.50 Rarely offered Breidohri at various sizes
  3-3.5" $15.00  
  4-5" $25.00  
Vieja Heterospilus 1" $7.50 Beautiful emerald multi colored peaceful viejas -a seldom seen fish!
  2" $12.50  
Vieja Melanarum 3" $12.50 Awesome Lago Peten strain!
  4-4.5" $25.00  
Vieja Coatzocoalcos 1" $9.00 The most blue of all vieja now available
  2" $12.00  
  3-3.5" $15.00  
Vieja Maculicauda 2-3" $10.00  
Parachromis Motaguense -Red Tiger Rio Blanco 1" $8.50 Offspring from my wild caught Moto pair now available
  2" $10.50  
  4-5" $42.50 Beautiful larger red tiger moto rio blancos now avaialble!
Parachromis Dovii 1.5" $6.00 Nicaraguan dovii as blue as they get!
  9-10" $80.00 One beautiful male now available!
Parachromis Managuense "Honduras" 2" $5.00 Beautiful F1 honduran jags found nowhere else!
  3-3.5" $10.50  
  4-4.5" $14.00  
Parachromis La Ceiba 1" + - $7.00 Small La ceiba finally available!
  2-3" $10.50  
  3-4" $15.00  
  4-5" $25.00  
Parachromis Loiselle-Panama 1.5-2" $8.00 Seldom seen Panama Loiselle with great color now available
Ex Cichlasoma Festae 1" + - $7.00 True Equador Festae from my WC Pair available soon
Ex Cichlasoma Grammodes 1" $6.50 Beautiful grammodes mini wolf available soon
  2" $10.50  
  3-3.5" $15.00  
Ex Cichlasoma Salvini-Usumacinta 1" $7.50 Please request a pic of some of the most beautiful salvini avaialble!
  2" $10.00  
  4" $25.00 Limited number of larger usumacinta now available
Ex Cichlasoma Istlanum Red 1" + - $6.50 Red Head Istlanums now available
Nandopsis Beani-Rio Panuco 3-3.5" $25.00 Limited number of large beani now available F1 Rio Panuco
  4"+ $35.00  
Astotheros Rostratus 1-1.5" $10.00 Rarely seen riverine F1 Costa Rican rostratus now available
Andinoacara Stalsbergi 1" $7.50 Beautiful Riverine green terror now available at various sizes
  1.5-2" $10.00  
  3" $17.50  
Amphilophus Sagittae-Piebald 1.5-2" $9.50 Beautiful 100% piebald sagittae race available now!
Amphilophus Amarillo 1-1.5" $7.50  
  2-2.5" $12.50  
Amphilophus Sagittae 3-4" $15.00 BLACK Sagittae, pure black striking patterns
  4-5" $20.00  
Amphilophus Sagittae 6-7" $50.00 Beautiful orange and white male sagittae now available-Limited number males only
Amphilophus Citrinellum -"Barred Midas" 2-3" $6.50  
Amphilophus Chancho 1-1.5" $8.00 F1 Lake Apoyo babies now available
  3" $15.00  
  5.5-6" $50.00 A rare lake apoyo beauty that is no longer imported!
Amphilophus Citrinellum 3" $10.50 Lake Arenal, Costa Rica strain, F1 with white/piebald parents
  4" $20.00  
  5-6" $45.00 Mostly Orange with a little white
Amphilophus Hogaboomarum 3" $15.00 Limited number of larger males now available
  4-4.5" $25.00  
Amphilophus Trimaculatus 1" $6.50 Awesome F1 Rio Naranja Trimacs now available
  3-3.5" $15.00 Next size up on Rio Naranja Trimacs
Amphilophus Lyonsi 1" $8.00 Seldom seen lyonsi now available
Amphilophus labiatus 2" $6.00 Beautiful labiatus that grow into piebald colors now available.
  4-5" $27.50 One of a kind labiatus with insane reds, whites and blacks and orange coloring now available
Paranetroplus Bulleri-F1 Rio Sarabia 1" + - $12.00 Super rare TRUE F1 Rio Sarabia Available for the first time!
Petenia Splendida "Wild Morph" 3-4" $15.00 Green Snook seldom seen, with protractable jaws that make great predators!
  5" $27.50  
Chuco Micropthalmus 4-5" $50.00 Rio Copan bred at my facility
Caquetaia Spectabilis 1.5" $6.50  
  2-3" $12.00  
Caquetaia Umbriferum Rio Magdalena 1-1.5" $7.50 Beautiful Rio Mags F1 from my show male!
  2" $10.50  
  3.25-4" $16.00 Limited number of females only
Caquetaia Umbriferum-Black Umbees 3-3.5" $16.00 Black San Rafael Umbees with great color
  4-5" $35.00  
  5-6" $50.00  
Hericthys Deppi-Rio Bobos 1" + - $7.00 Super colorful Rio Bobos deppi
Hericthys Bocourti 1-1.5" $10.00 Rarely seen giant growing bocourti now available
Hericthys Tamasopensis 1" + - $7.00 Seldom seen hericthys now available
Hericthys Carpintis Escondido 3-4" $17.00 Big spot escondido now for sale!
Theraps Lentiginosum 1" $25.00 Beautiful Rio Bascan riverine seldom seen now available
Theraps Coeruleus 1-1.5" $20.00 First time offering of rare theraps bred at my facility-these are not "resales"
  2-3" $35.00 Beautiful larger coereleus now available!
Hericthys Pantostictus Blue Taniul 1.5" $10.00 Beautiful seldom seen blue hericthys available at various sizes
  2-3" $20.00  
GymnoGeophagus Labiatus-Rio Olimar 4-5" $30.00 Beautiful one of a kind rio olimar labiatus finally available
Petenia Splendida "Wild Morph" 1" + - $5.00  
Nandopsis Beani-Rio Panuco 1" + - $6.50 Beautiful Panucos with unbelievable colors coming soon!
Nandopsis Tetracanthus 1" + - $6.50  


  •  Minimum Orders Domestically are $100-This does not include, box, styro, heat pack or shipping costs. 

  •  Minimum Orders Internationally are $1000. (CANADA-$250)-Again, this does not include box styro, heat, shipping, veterinary license, fish & wildlife

  • USDA-APHIS Veterinary Certificates are $120 as required

  • We DO NOT guarantee under any circumstances the sex of a fish unless they are listed and sold as a pair. We will do our best to accommodate, but we cannot guarantee even though we will do our best. 

  • We are not purveyors of fish. What we have for sale is what is listed. If there is a fish that you are looking for, and it is not listed, odds are we do not have it available. Furthermore, as stated, we do not have "special order" items. We breed our own stock, and import and bring in fish occassionally, but these items would be listed.

  • We generally do not aggregate fish from any other vendor for a specific order unless the order is overseas and agreed to ahead of time. As we are not affiliated with any other vendor, please contact them directly for any fish you may want.  

  • The best way to contact me is via email. While I know many people have my phone number, and prefer calls and text messages, it is very difficult for me to get back through all these channels in a timely fashion. I would appreciate everyone's help to just use email as this is the most expeditious way for me to get back to you.

  • DOA Loss domestically requires contact within 4 hours of receipt of package

  • DOA Loss internationally requires contact within 8 hours of receipt of package

  • DOA policy is a replacement fish on subsequent orders, or remailing of fish at buyers expense on shipping and box charges.


Shipping Dates 

  • All USPS, Federal Express, and UPS shipping will be conducted on Mondays and Tuesdays

  • All Air Cargo shipments will be on Wednesdays 

  • Kindly schedule all orders accordingly as these changes are made to reduce operating expenses and keep prices competitively low.